Last stop: Pismo Beach!


Pismo Beach is the last stop on this west coast of America road trip. It’s located between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Right at the beach of Pismo Beach lays the beautiful Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, where you can stay the night before driving back to Los Angeles. To entertain yourself in this peaceful city, you can visit the famous Pismo Pier, where you can spot wildlife in the sea. If you need something new, the Pismo Beach Prime Outlets have some serious shopping opportunities for you. Half a mile south from Pismo Beach you can find the Monarch Butterfly Grove, one of California’s finest butterfly reserves. If you’re tired of the whole road trip and like to stay in the resort that’s also fine. You can do lots of things in this award winning resort.


San Francisco

San Francisco skyline by night

San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in the world. No wonder, there is so much to see and do in this city! The Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Warf and gay district Castro are the best-known symbols and you should definitely see and visit them all. Clint Eastwood, Monica Lewinsky and Sean Penn were born and raised in San Francisco.

Everyone knows the Golden Gate Bridge, the iconic red bridge that connects San Francisco to Marin County. They painted it red because that would be visible in the often-present fog. You can walk over this bridge to behold its beauty.


The Chinatown of San Francisco is the second biggest Chinatown in North America and a tourist attraction. The Chinese streetlights, flags, restaurants and antique shops with pagoda roofs, make that it’s like walking into a real Chinese town.

Alcatraz is the notorious former prison on an island. Although many tried, no one ever managed to escape from this island. The prison closed in 1963 and is now available to visit. You can learn all about some of the most notorious prisoners of the United States, as they were kept in this prison. Be aware that you have to book a visit months in advance!


Fisherman’s Wharf is an old neighbourhood where fisherman’s used to live in the 1800s. It is home to Pier 39, a tourist attraction build on a pier where you can do lots of things. You can watch the well-known sea lions, which stay on the floats at this pier. There are street performers, an arcade hall, shops, a carousel and a street theatre. If you’re hungry there are tons of restaurants where you can eat delicious seafood like the Fog Harbour Fish House. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz through the windows of this restaurant.

Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a notorious play world full of lights, expensive stores, extravagant hotels, casinos, entertainment and street performers in the middle of the desert. If you think about it, it’s pretty weird right? You can already see the city from miles away when standing in the desert because of the familiar neon lights that light up this city. Las Vegas is known for its entertainment industry: you will never get bored here.

The most famous part of Las Vegas is the Strip. All the grand hotels and casino’s are on this street and you can even take a rollercoaster-ride in the New York–New York hotel. Walk through the famous hotels, go window-shopping and secretly watch people spend their money in casinos. Las Vegas is (sadly) a place where you spend money, lots of it. Luckily, the Bellagio Fountains are free to watch. Every half hour, a lake in front of the Bellagio hotel explodes in a beautiful ballet of fountains. The 1214 spritzers shoot water in the air along with Frank Sinatra music and you can’t miss this when coming to Vegas. There are more free shows in front of the famous hotels, but the Bellagio Fountains is by far the best show.

The wings of the Bellagio
The Bellagio Fountains

If you do have money to spend, Cirque de Soleil is a must-do for the Vegas experience. This circus is part of Las Vegas for 20 years now. At Mandalay Bay, you can visit Shark Reef Aquarium. This aquarium has over 2000 animals and 15 species of sharks. You can touch, hear, see and experience the beautiful underwater life here. If you want to experience the Vegas nightlife, you should go clubbing in LAX, a club in hotel Luxor. To spend the night, you can book a room in one of the expensive hotels at the Strip close to the club, or go a bit further for a more affordable price. If you are driving an RV, you can stay in the Oasis RV Resort.

Another must-do is going downtown Las Vegas, to visit a small, old part of the city: Fremont Street. This street is an experience by itself. You can take a ride on the SlotZilla Zipline, which goes right over the street, 114 feet high. You fly under the world’s largest video screen (1500 feet long) as a roof! After dusk, the Vivia Vision light show plays on this video screen once an hour.


Whiskey Row
Whiskey Row

Walking into Prescott is like walking into a cowboy movie. There are a lot of buildings in Victorian style and the Worlds oldest Rodeo (1888) takes place in this small town with only 40.000 inhabitants. Over the last few years, the city has become a recovery city. A lot of retired people live here, as well as people in rehab or recovery. Mobile home and RV parks are therefore mostly 55+ or senior. You can stay overnight or through the week in Pine Lawn Ranch Mobile Home & RV Park. This park gives you the feeling you’re out in the country because of the natural-park like setting, while you’re very close to the city centre.

The city centre of Prescott is an interesting one. It has more than 800 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, which date back to the 1800s. To see most of this, you can go to the Downtown Historic Area, with the famous Whiskey Row alley. Countless saloons, bars and restaurants fill the old-style street. Go for a drink in Arizona’s oldest saloon: The Palace and take in all the Old West history. There are not only saloons, but also museums, antique stores, theatres and street performers you can visit or see in the Downtown Historic Area. If you’re not that much of a walker, you can take a Trolley Tour, a 50-minute tour of Prescott’s Old West.

Watson Lake Prescott, Arizona
Watson Lake at Granite Dells. Granite Dells is a large area of granite domes and canyons made of rock.

Besides all the beautiful Old West buildings in the city centre, you can seek some rest at the beautiful lakes just outside the city. Rocks formed in different shapes and sizes around the Watson Lake provide for a new bouldering experience and some stunning photos. Hike around this lake yourself or challenge yourself with the 4.8-mile hike around the lake called the Watson Lake loop trail.



Malibu is famous for it’s blue skies, white beaches and big, beautiful houses. Just like Beverly Hills, a lot of famous people live in this city. Richard Gere, Barbara Streisand, Robert Redford, Mel Gibson and Sting are a few examples. Malibu has the most beautiful beaches on the California coast. Together, the beaches are 34 kilometres long and surfers and locals call it ‘the Bu’. It’s easy to forget you’re so close to big city Los Angeles when Malibu seems so peaceful.

If you want to get around with an RV on this west coast trip, you can rent one on your way from Los Angeles at Road Bear. After you picked a nice one, make your way to Malibu and overnight at the popular Malibu Beach RV Park, where a terrific ocean view stretches out for you. You will probably see some dolphins swimming in the ocean and hummingbirds everywhere in the flowers. Try to take a picture of a hummingbird! Their wing beat is 15 to 80 times per second, which is why they’re the only birds that can fly backwards and linger in the air for a few seconds.


The most beautiful beach in Malibu is Zuma Beach. It’s the perfect beach to relax on all day and you can play volleyball for some exercise. If you would rather watch some experienced surfing, Malibu’s Surfrider Beach is the place to be. Give it a try yourself and hire a board at the Malibu Surf Shack. Another option is to hike one of the many trails, like the Escondido Trail that starts at the end of Winding Way.

Start of your Road Trip: Los Angeles!

Your roadtrip starts in the beautiful Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States, laying on the west coast. It’s a world city, with a big haven and a very busy airport, the well known LAX. The city is called Los Angeles because a Spanish governor originally founded it. Los Angeles is Spanish for ‘The Angels’. Together with Hollywood it forms the centre of the American and Western film and television industry.

When you arrive at LAX, you can take a cab to the Samesun Venice Beach hotel, only 8 kilometres from the airport. It has a good price and a beautiful sunny interior. Walking out the front door you practically step on the beach and you can make a nice walk along Venice beach to the Santa Monica Pier or the other way around. Venice beach is not like other beaches; it’s a beach to get active! Rent a bike at the pier and cycle along Venice beach to watch the skateboarders and bodybuilders on Muscle Beach. If you like to watch people, this is the perfect place to be. Sports you’ve never seen before are practiced here, and you can join in wherever you want. Grab a bite and a hand shaken margarita at the Bubba Gump restaurant (inspired by the 1994 Forest Gump movie) on Santa Monica Pier to end your day.

If you stay around The City of Angels a bit longer, you can visit the well-known city Beverly Hills. Beverly Hill is practically surrounded by the city Los Angeles, but it’s its own city. The city is mostly famous because of the many pop and movie stars that live(d) here like Whitney Houston. Besides movie stars, you can find the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. You’ve probably seen the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ and dreamed about shopping at Rodeo Drive just like Julia Roberts. You may not be able to afford the clothes you can buy in this street, but it’s a perfect place to go window-shopping and dream along!