Bryce Canyon National Park


While the Bryce Canyon is maybe a bit less famous then the Grand Canyon, it’s just as beautiful. Bryce Canyon is known for its geological rock formations, also called Hoodoos. It’s because of the freezing and unfreezing in the winter that these beautiful rock formations arise. There is nothing like Bryce Canyon, and you have to see it with your own eyes. Despite its name, Bryce Canyon is not a canyon but a natural occurring amphitheatre. The colours are mostly orange, red and white with dark green trees. There’s a visitor centre where you can find information, maps, souvenirs and books about Bryce Canyon and watch an award-winning short movie of 22 minutes.

If you are staying for just one day, you can stroll along the rim or hike a short trail into the canyon. Going in gives you the opportunity to see the rock formations and beautiful colours up close. You can really experience Bryce Canyon when going in. Another option is driving to a viewpoint like Sunrise, Sunset, Bryce or Inspiration to see some dramatic views.

Ruby’s Inn Rodeo

Ruby’s Inn RV Park and campground is located less than a kilometre from the entrance of the National Park if you want to stay more then one day. There is tons of things to do in and around Bryce Canyon. You can spend a day driving to Rainbow Point and stop at 13 viewpoints on your way back. Take a guided ATV tour, rent a mountain bike, take a run along the rim or visit the Rodeo just outside the camping. If you have some money to spare, you can book a helicopter flight over the canyon. Bryce Canyon is also very magical when snow covers the orange-red rocks in the winter. You can always come back for Bryce Canyon in your Christmas break.


One thought on “Bryce Canyon National Park

  1. Bryce is indeed just as beautiful as the Grand Canyon and also very different. So if you have enough time, visit them both and don’t think that when you’ve seen one you’ve seen both.

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