Grand Canyon National Park


The Grand Canyon is probably one of the most famous phenomena in America. You can imagine what it looks like or look at photos, but that’s nothing compared to the real thing. The Grand Canyon is a very broad and deep canyon, created by the Colorado River running through it for millions of years. The Colorado River erodes approximately 16 cm per 1000 years. You can imagine how much time it took to form a canyon so deep. The deepest parts of the canyon are located around 1.8 kilometres below the edge.

After you’ve taken in how big the Grand Canyon is, you’ll notice the colours. The primary colour of the canyon is reddish, but if you look close, you can see green, grey, brown, violet and even delicate pink. The best time to take in all these colours is therefore after sunrise or at sunset. Ten-X campground makes it easy to check out the sunrise or sunset, laying only 6,5 kilometres from the south rim of the canyon. This is a perfect place to stay the night with your RV or tent.

If you want to see more, you can go down into the canyon to Havasupai. An Indian American tribe called the Havasupai (meaning: people of the blue green waters) has been living here for over 800 years. They are the original guarders of the Grand Canyon and live in the Supai Village, close to the Havasupai falls: five beautiful blue and green coloured waterfalls plunging from the red walls of the canyon into a pool below. To get to Havasupai you have to hike 16-kilometre down the canyon and it’s not easy, but it’s totally worth it. Take your own camping gear with you or make a reservation at Havasupai lodge. You sleep amongst the tribe in this lodge, but you have to book months in advance.


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