Whiskey Row
Whiskey Row

Walking into Prescott is like walking into a cowboy movie. There are a lot of buildings in Victorian style and the Worlds oldest Rodeo (1888) takes place in this small town with only 40.000 inhabitants. Over the last few years, the city has become a recovery city. A lot of retired people live here, as well as people in rehab or recovery. Mobile home and RV parks are therefore mostly 55+ or senior. You can stay overnight or through the week in Pine Lawn Ranch Mobile Home & RV Park. This park gives you the feeling you’re out in the country because of the natural-park like setting, while you’re very close to the city centre.

The city centre of Prescott is an interesting one. It has more than 800 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, which date back to the 1800s. To see most of this, you can go to the Downtown Historic Area, with the famous Whiskey Row alley. Countless saloons, bars and restaurants fill the old-style street. Go for a drink in Arizona’s oldest saloon: The Palace and take in all the Old West history. There are not only saloons, but also museums, antique stores, theatres and street performers you can visit or see in the Downtown Historic Area. If you’re not that much of a walker, you can take a Trolley Tour, a 50-minute tour of Prescott’s Old West.

Watson Lake Prescott, Arizona
Watson Lake at Granite Dells. Granite Dells is a large area of granite domes and canyons made of rock.

Besides all the beautiful Old West buildings in the city centre, you can seek some rest at the beautiful lakes just outside the city. Rocks formed in different shapes and sizes around the Watson Lake provide for a new bouldering experience and some stunning photos. Hike around this lake yourself or challenge yourself with the 4.8-mile hike around the lake called the Watson Lake loop trail.


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