Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua_trees kopie
Joshua Tree – Doug Dolde

Two totally different deserts come together in Joshua Tree National Park, which is what characterizes this piece of nature. In the southeast lies the low-laying Colorado Desert while the higher and colder Mohave Desert lies in the west. There are not many areas that illustrate the contrast between high and low desert like this National Park. Not like the name does occur, a Joshua tree is actually a plant from the Yucca family. The Joshua tree is very characteristic; it’s almost 900 years old and it can get pretty high (12 metres).

Besides the Joshua tree, the park is also known for its big solid rocks, which are fragmented in separate pieces. If you like to do a bit of rock-climbing or bouldering, there’s more then 8000 climbing routes in this park! If you’re not the rock-climbing type, go to the Black Rock Canyon area. Multiple hiking trails go from here, like the Hi-View Nature Trail. Try to spot some wildlife; mountain lions have been spotted in this area.

You can drive your RV or take your tent to the Joshua Tree Lake RV and Campground to stay the night. The campground lies just above the west side of the park and offers “panoramic views of the North face of Joshua Tree Park, exceptional desert vistas and spectacular night skies”. But it’s not only this campground where you can gaze at the stars. The night sky above Joshua Tree Park is a stunning one. Many people see the Milky Way for the first time in their lives here. “It’s a glittering dome peppered with stars, planets, and passing meteors,” says the National Park Service.


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