Start of your Road Trip: Los Angeles!

Your roadtrip starts in the beautiful Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States, laying on the west coast. It’s a world city, with a big haven and a very busy airport, the well known LAX. The city is called Los Angeles because a Spanish governor originally founded it. Los Angeles is Spanish for ‘The Angels’. Together with Hollywood it forms the centre of the American and Western film and television industry.

When you arrive at LAX, you can take a cab to the Samesun Venice Beach hotel, only 8 kilometres from the airport. It has a good price and a beautiful sunny interior. Walking out the front door you practically step on the beach and you can make a nice walk along Venice beach to the Santa Monica Pier or the other way around. Venice beach is not like other beaches; it’s a beach to get active! Rent a bike at the pier and cycle along Venice beach to watch the skateboarders and bodybuilders on Muscle Beach. If you like to watch people, this is the perfect place to be. Sports you’ve never seen before are practiced here, and you can join in wherever you want. Grab a bite and a hand shaken margarita at the Bubba Gump restaurant (inspired by the 1994 Forest Gump movie) on Santa Monica Pier to end your day.

If you stay around The City of Angels a bit longer, you can visit the well-known city Beverly Hills. Beverly Hill is practically surrounded by the city Los Angeles, but it’s its own city. The city is mostly famous because of the many pop and movie stars that live(d) here like Whitney Houston. Besides movie stars, you can find the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. You’ve probably seen the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ and dreamed about shopping at Rodeo Drive just like Julia Roberts. You may not be able to afford the clothes you can buy in this street, but it’s a perfect place to go window-shopping and dream along!


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